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Fund Name
1st Choice Drew-Allen Memorial Fund
2015 Chelan Valley Fire Relief Fund
2015 Okanogan Complex Fire Relief Fund
9/11 Spirit of America Memorial Foundation Agency Advised
Abraham and Denise Sorom Donor Advised Fund
Adele Wolford Endowment for Children
Albert Ratcliffe Legacy
Alex O. Santillanes Scholarship Fund
Altrusa Scholarship Fund of Wenatchee
Andrew York Memorial Scholarship Fund
Antje Prey Community Fund
Arena Youth Enrichment
Arlene Birdsell Martin Scholarship Fund
Arseneault Family Foundation Donor Advised Fund
Art on the Avenues Fund
Aslan's Donor Advised Fund
Augusta Henry Trust
AVHRA Human Resource Scholarship
Barbara Kinney Unrestricted
Bart & Coreen Tilly Donor Advised
Bill & Julia Gotthold Donor Advised Fund
Bill & LaDean Steward Memorial Garden Fund
Bob & Nita Paine Scholarship
Bob & Valerie Valaas Health Sciences Scholarship Fund
Bob 'Watty' Watson Memorial
Bolyard Family Donor Advised
Bolyard Family Nursing Scholarship
Boy Scouts of America Grand Columbia Council
Brandi Merritt Lambert Fund
Brent Visser Donor Advised
Brewster High School - Rawson Scholarship
Brewster Mike Marin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brian Fair Donor Advised Fund
Brock Lindberg Pi Kappa Phi Senior Scholarship
Bruce & Virginia Kehr Donor Advised
Bruce Williams and Gro Buer Donor Advised
Bud and Donna Corbin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Building Community Philanthropy
Cakes for College
Camp Fire USA 1 Endowment Fund
Camp Fire USA Camp 1 Scholarship Fund
Camp Fire USA Camp Scholarship Fund
Camp Fire USA College Scholarship Fund
Camp Fire USA Fund
Cancer Care Agency Advised 1
Cancer Care Agency Advised Fund
Cancer Care/Betsy Tontini Nursing Scholarship Fund
Cancer Care of NCW Endowment 1
Cancer Care of NCW Endowment Fund
Captain Richard Dillow Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp Scholarship
Carson Family Donor Advised Fund
Cascade Medical Center Foundation
Cascade Medical Center Foundation Endowment Fund
Cashmere Rotary Club Scholarship Fund
Cashmere Schools Foundation
Cashmere Valley Museum Endowment Fund
Cathryn "Kate" George Frechen Scholarship Fund
CDLT Reserve
Central Washington Hospital Foundation Diabetes Fund
CFNCW Administrative Endowment
CFNCW Property Holdings, LLC
Chelan and Cascade School Districts ELL Scholarship Fund
Chelan County Cattlemen's Scholarship
Chelan County Fair - Endowment Fund
Chelan County Fair - Special Project
Chelan County Fire District #1 Volunteer Inc.
Chelan Douglas CASA Program Fund
Chelan Douglas Fire Emergency Endowment
Chelan Douglas Generations and Partners Fund
Chelan Douglas Land Trust Endowment Fund (New 2006)
Chelan Douglas Land Trust Stewardship Account
Chelan Fireworks
Chelan PUD Employees Giving Card Fund
Children's Home Society of Wenatchee
Chris and Robin Lewis O'Hearn Donor Advised Fund
Chris and Ruth Carantzas Fund
Chrissy Clements Endowment for Victims of Violent Crime
Clarence and Della Murray Scholarship Fund
Colleen Frei and Arius Elvikis Family Donor Advised
Columbia Valley Community Health Agency
Community Foundation of North Central Washington Trustee Fund
Community Grants Program
Community Indicators
Community Resource Center Fund
Compassionate Care Insurance
Complete the Loop Coalition
Cone Family Scholarship Fund
Confluence Employees Giving Card Fund
Congdon Archaeological Collection Endowment Fund
Country Financial NCW Scholarship
Crime Stoppers - Wenatchee Valley Fund
Cushman Preston Family Donor Advised Fund
David M Bohr Memorial Baseball Scholarship
deRubertis Family Charitable Fund
deRubertis Family Scholarship Fund
Doell Family Scholarship Fund
Donald McEachern Charitable Fund
Don and Rita Campbell Charitable Fund
Don and Thea Fager YMCA Camp Fund
Don Fager Boy Scout Activities Fund
Dorothy Prewitt Pohlman/AAUW Scholarship Fund
Douglas County Historical Society Agency
Douglas County Historical Society Endowment 1
Douglas County-Waste Management Environmental Studies College Scholarship Fund
Dr. Arthur and Jean Ludwick Donor Advised Fund
Dr. Don Fager Nursing Scholarship Fund
Driscoll Jaeger Memorial
Dr. N.K. Bhide Band Scholarship
Dr. Patrick Molloy Migrant Scholarship
Dr. Steven George Kerr-Medical Memorial Scholarship
Earl & Barbara Tilly Fund
Edna Fast Maguire Fund
Edna Schroeder Memorial Children's Fund
Elaine and Mark Higbee
Eliot and Tina Scull Family
Endowment Grants
Entiat Scholarship Foundation Donor Advised Fund
Entiat Scholarship Foundation Fund
Ephrata Senior Center 1 Fund
Ephrata Senior Center - Clement Pontsler Estate 1 Fund
Eric C. Jensen Memorial Fund
Eric DePersio Memorial Scholarship Fund
Evelyn Olds Johnson Community Fund
Everett and Roy Hill Music Scholarship
Everett & Loretta Gibbons Memorial YMCA Endowment Fund
Every Child A Swimmer Fund
Ferguson Family Charitable Fund
Ferguson Family Scholarship Fund
Fern Cousineau Duncan Memorial Art Scholarship Fund
Ferne Daniel Ephrata Teacher Enrichment Fund
Ferne Daniel Legacy Fund
Ferne Daniel Scholarship Fund
Fielding Hills Winery Foundation
Fisk and Lila Gerhardt Scholarship
For Good, For Ever Fund
Frederick M. Johnson Donor Advised Fund
Frei Elvikis Family Donor Advised Fund
Friends of Peshastin Library
Friends of Physical Therapy Fund
Friends of the Wenatchee Public Library Fund
Frigard Family Donor Advised Fund
Gabrielle Savage Fund
General Giving Card Fund
Gene 'Sarge' Huber Band Scholarship Fund
George F. & Mary Ellen Miller Bach Feste
George F. & Mary Ellen Miller Camp Fire Girls & Boys
George F. & Mary Ellen Miller Family Endowment Fund
George F. & Mary Ellen Miller - Salvation Army
George F. & Mary Ellen Miller-St.Luke's Episcopal Youth
George F. & Mary Ellen Miller - Wenatchee Civic Ballet
George F. & Mary Ellen Miller Wenatchee Valley Symphony
Gerald E Robinson Memorial Scholarship
Gil and Kay Sparks Donor Advised Fund
Give NCW
Grace Ekman Whitley Scholarship
Grant County Generations and Partners Fund
G. Raymond and Betty Lee Taylor Fund
Greater Wenatchee Parent Child Preschool Fund
Groff Family Donor Advised Fund
Grunewald Guild Endowment Fund
Hal and Florence Field Donor Advised Fund
Hal Newman Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Harold O. & Margaret M. Weed Donor Advised Fund
Harry & Kathern Lovejoy Scholarship
Helping Hands
Henry A Prebble Family Endowment Fund
Henry Max Galbraith/East Wenatchee Grange No. 1012 Scholarship Fund
Herbert H. Fackenthall Designated
Hibbard Family Donor Advised Fund
Homestead Fund
Horan Cabin Maintenance Fund
Hospice Foundation Endowment
Hospice Foundation of North Central Washington Agency fund
Hospice Foundation of North Central Washington Endowment
Hospitality House Agency Advised Fund
Hospitality House Endowment Fund
Howard and Beverly Murray Scholarship
Icicle Creek Center for the Arts Special Project 1
Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center
Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center Endowment Fund
Inga, Magnus and Knute Bakke Memorial Scholarship Fund
Initiative For Rural Innovation & Stewardship (IRIS)
Irv Conner YMCA Memorial Endowment
Irwin G. & Judy S. Conner Donor Advised
Jack Daines Memorial Fund for Mental Health
Jack & Dede Hill - Central WA Hospital Foundation
Jack & Dede Hill - NCW Council of Boy Scouts
Jack & Dede Hill - Panther Booster Club Fund
Jack & Dede Hill - United Way Fund
Jack & Dede Hill - Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Fund
Jack & Dede Hill - Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center Fund
Jack & Dede Hill WHS Foundation Fund
Jack & Dede Hill WSU Exchange Club Scholarship Fund
Jack & Dede Hill - YMCA Fund
James and Lynn Brown Fund
James & Kathleen Arneil Community Fund
James Wharton First Choice Collision Scholarship
Jay & Mary Gibbons Donor Advised Endowment
J.D. Riggs Memorial Scholarship
Jerry Gutzwiler Donor Advised Fund
Jerry Van Winkle Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jessup Family Fund
Jill Wood Spanjer Scholarship Fund
JMS Charitable Fund
John and Elnora Smith Foundation Scholarship Fund
John and Mary Martin Scholarship
John & Mary Ann Snyder Community Fund
John & Mary Rae Brown Fund # 1
John & Mary Rae Brown Fund # 2
John & Mary Rae Brown Fund #3, United Way
John & Rose Applegate Fund
John Taylor Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Jon Picard Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)
Josh Putman Memorial Scholarship
Jubilee Peace and Justice Endowment Fund
Karen & Katy
Katie and Steven Rolfs Memorial Scholarship Fund
Katie Moore Memorial Fund
Katie Moore Memorial Scholarship
Kay Sparks Donor Advised
Kellen Biggar Athletic Scholarship Fund
Keyes Packaging Group - Don Evenhus Scholarship Fund
Kids First Endowment Fund
Kjobech Fund
Knox Family Fund
Kolde Family Fund
KPQ Cares Donor Advised Fund
Lake Chelan Rotary Scholarship Fund
Larry and Charlene Woodward Family Fund
Lauren Ludeman Memorial Scholarship
Leavenworth Rotary Endowment Fund
Leavenworth Summer Theater Endowment
Lee Bofto Honorary Scholarship Fund
LeMaster/Auvil Scholarship Fund
Linda M Safar Memorial Scholarship
Lloyd and Sue Berry Fund
Lodge Family Music Fund
Lyle R. and Mildred I. Pein Fund
Make A Difference Donor Advised
Manson G3 Fund
Margarite Miller Endowment Fund
Margarite Miller Missions Fund
Marjorie M. and William H. Griffin Scholarship
Marlene & Henry Bauer Scholarship Fund
Marvin & Frances Salisbury - Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Educational Fund
Mattern Norsen Family
McQuaig Jubilee Fund
Melissa Hernandez Inspiration Fund
Melonye Shurtz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Melvin P. "Mel" and Lyndell Crowder NCW Memorial Horticulture
Merton Hiatt First United Methodist Church
Merton Hiatt Riverside Lodge 112 Fraternal Order of Masons Charitable Fund
Methow Conservancy Operational Endowment 1 Fund
Methow Conservancy Stewardship Endowment 1 Fund
Methow Music Festival Association Advised Fund
Methow Music Festival Association Endowment Fund
Methow Valley Early Childhood Fund
Methow Valley Education Foundation
Methow Valley Endowment Fund
Methow Valley Fire Relief
Methow Valley Fund
Methow Valley Long Term Recovery Organization
Methow Valley Nordic Ski Education Fund
Methow Valley Sports Trail Association Fund
Methow Valley Sports Trails Association Endowment
Methow Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church
Mickey 5 Family
Mission Scholarship Fund
Mission Vista Fund
MIT Fund
Mobile Meals Agency Fund
Mobile Meals Follies Guild Endowment
Molitor Family Designated Beneficiary
Molitor Family Donor Advised
Mustard Seed Neighborhood Center Endowment 1 Fund
MVEF - Tommy Zbyszewski Fund
MVSTA Capital Expenditures Fund
MVSTA Lifetime Pass Fund
National/Welch's Fred Kilian Memorial Scholarship Fund
NCW Fire Relief Fund
NCW Foundation for Youth
NCW Jail Ministry Agency Advised Fund
Neher Family Donor Advised Fund
Neil & Pat Thorlakson Fund
Nicholas H Vitulli Memorial
Nick Schoffen Music Scholarship Fund
Nic Tower Memorial Scholarship Fund
Nonprofit Practices Institute
North Central Washington Audubon Society Agency
Nursing Scholarship for NCW
Okanogan County Community Action Council
Okanogan County Long Term Recovery Group
Okanogan Land Trust Agency
Okanogan Land Trust Stewardship
Okanogan Masonic Lodge #169 Herbert & Elizabeth Davis
Olson Family Donor Advised Fund
OLT Legal Defense Agency Advised
Operating Fund
Orion Fund
Partners in Giving
Pass Through Fund
Pateros Scholars Donor Advised Fund
Pateros Tutorial Fund
Paul Pugh Donor Advised
Paul Reasor Scholarship
Performing Arts Center of Wenatchee Endowment
Pete and Mary Houck Scholarship Fund
Peters Family Scholarship
Peterson Family Donor Advised Fund
Phil and Velma Brunton Fund
Pitts-McConnell Fund
Price Young Methow Fund
Ralph and Clara Betcher Scholarship
Ramiro Cortes Scholarship Fund
Randy and Cici Asplund Donor Advised Fund
Ray Dobbs Family Donor Advised
Richard E. "Dick" Bell Memorial Volunteer Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center 1 Fund
Richard Owen Black Memorial Fund
Rita Mladineo Brown
Robert Graves Gallery Agency Fund
Robert & Mary Kintner Family Donor Advised fund
Ronald Dean Estes Scholarship
Rotary Park Columbia Junction Fund
Rowland and Ethel Slusser Jones Designated
Rowland and Ethel Slusser Jones Scholarship
Roy W. Hill Donor Designated Fund
Roy W. Hill Scholarship Fund
Rudolph & Carolyn Christianson Community Fund
Rudolph & Carolyn Christianson Donor Advised
Rudolph & Carolyn Christianson Scholarship Fund
Rutherford Family Donor Advised Fund
Ruth Raydene Taylor Donor Advised Fund
Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church Capital Building Maintenance Fund
Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Wenatchee - Arlene Birdsell Martin Fund
Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church Scholarship Fund
Schatz Family Fund
Scott and Montie Smith Donor Advised Fund
Scout-A-Vista Purchase
Senator Linda Evans Parlette Leave A Legacy Leadership Fund
Silver Star Chapter 93, Order of Eastern Star Scholarship Fund
Skylar Rae Brand Cherry
Sleepy Hollow Heights Fire Support
Sons of Italy Scholarship Fund
Sorom Family Fund
Stage Kids Agency
Stage Kids Endowment
Stahler Family Fund
St. Andrews Episcopal Church Agency Advised Fund
Stangland Family Donor Advised
Stella Knoebel & Mary Jean Carter Scholarship Fund
Stella Knoebel/Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church Music Scholarship
St. Luke's Episcopal Church Endowment Fund
St. Luke's Episcopal Church Outreach Endowment Fund
Stronger Schools
Student Assistance Foundation for Education (SAFE)
Sunrise Rotary Club Donor Advised Fund
Susan Yaw Memorial Scholarship
Sybil H. Shearer Nursing Scholarship
Tanner J. Perry Memorial Scholarship Fund
TEDX Wenatchee
Terry A. and Suzanne Sorom Fund
Terry and Suzanne Sorom Community Fund
The Cove Agency Advised Fund
Thelma "Tillie" Hall Sight and Hearing Wenatchee Lions
Tina Scull Conservation and Stewardship Opportunity Fund
Tina Scull Conservation and Stewardship Opportunity Fund for the Methow Valley
Tonasket Community Pool Fund
Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board
Upper Valley Christian School Endowment
Upper Valley MEND Community Cupboard Agency
Upper Valley MEND Endowment Fund
Upper Valley MEND Share Repair Reserve
Valaas Family Donor Advised
V.E. "Pete" Houck Donor Advised Fund
Vets Serving Vets Scholarship
Vicky & Ed Welch Donor Advised
Victor T. and Dorothy F. Lyon Memorial Fund
Virgil V. and Pearl E. Gustin Scholarship Fund
Wallace V. and Lucille Gibbons Donor Advised Fund
Warner R. Waddell/Chelan County Fair Agency Advised Fund
Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Foundation
Water Lilies Swimming Lessons Endowment Fund
Waterville Community Fund
Waterville Shocker Scholarship Fund
Wellness Place
Wenatchee Adult Respite Day Care Center Endowment
Wenatchee Applarians Scholarship
Wenatchee Area Genealogy Society Legacy Fund
Wenatchee Bowling Association Scholarship Fund
Wenatchee Community & Migrant Assistance Fund
Wenatchee Exchange Club Scholarship
Wenatchee High School Alumni Foundation Scholarship Fund
Wenatchee High School Foundation Fund
Wenatchee Kiwanis Donor Advised Fund
Wenatchee Kiwanis Scholarship Fund
Wenatchee North Rotary Foundation
Wenatchee Rotary Foundation 1 Fund
Wenatchee Rotary Scholarship
Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club
Wenatchee Valley 4th of July
Wenatchee Valley College Foundation at Omak-Berg
Wenatchee Valley College Foundation at Omak-Home Health Endowment
Wenatchee Valley College Foundation at Omak-Nurses for Tomorrow
Wenatchee Valley Doll Club Donor Advised
Wenatchee Valley Humane Society Agency Advised
Wenatchee Valley Humane Society Endowment
Wenatchee Valley Medical Center Employee Scholarship Fund
Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center Fund
Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center Harold & Margaret Weed Fund
Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center Education Fund
Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center Organ Fund
Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center Agency Advised Fund
Wenatchee Valley Senior Center Agency Endowment
Wenatchee Valley Senior Center Endowment Fund
Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation Agency Advised
Wenatchee Valley Street Rods, Inc Fund
Wenatchee Valley Symphony Association, Inc .Agency Fund
Wenatchee Valley Symphony Association, Inc. Fund
Wenatchee Valley Symphony Orchestra Agency Fund
Wenatchee Women's Bowling Association-Opal Wickland Scholarship Fund
Westside High School Fund
WF100:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF108:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF188:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF196:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF240: Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF292:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF308:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF316:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF324:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF336:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF338:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF340:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF348:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF356:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF364:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF372:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF380:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF388:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF396:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF412:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF420:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF436:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF444:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF452:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF456:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF458:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF460:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF468:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF480:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF481: Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF484:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF490:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF492:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF500:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF508:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF516:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF524:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF538:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF540:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF544:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF548:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF564:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF565 Wenatchee Valley College Foundaton
WF572:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF575:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF580:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF596:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF600:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF604:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF608:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF612:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF615:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF617:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF620:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF732:Wenatchee Valley College Foundation
WF745: Wenatchee Valley College Foundation_Ted Zacher
WHS Alumni Foundation Agency Advised Fund
WHS Class of 1952-Jane Lovejoy Memorial Leadership Scholarship
Wilfred R. and Kathleen K. Woods Donor Advised
William & Elizabeth Robinson Scholarship
Winthrop Ice and Sports Rink
Women's Resource Center
Women's Service League of Wenatchee Scholarship Fund
Woods Family Music & Art Endowment
Woods House Music & Arts
WVMCC Wells House Agency Advised
YMCA - Camp1 Fund
YMCA - Isenhart 1 Fund
YMCA - Larry Hartog Youth Scholarship 1 Fund
YMCA - Memorial 1 Fund
YMCA - Roy Wisdom 1 Fund